Northern State Medical University (Arkhangelsk, Russia)

Northern State Medical University

Northern State Medical University

The Northern State Medical University was established in 1932 and is located in the city of Arkhangelsk which is the northern most point of country of Russia. The university has several exchange programs for students as well as teachers with all countries of Europe.

The university currently has around 10,000 students studying from more than 20 different countries of the world. The teaching staff comprises of more than 1,000 professionals among which there are sevral doctors, Ph.D. holders & researchers too.

The Northern State Medical University started accepting students from other countries in year 1992, and since then the number of students for MBBS in Arkhangelsk has been increasing each year.

Fee Structure

1st Year Fee : USD 5,350

2nd - 6th Year Fee / Year : USD 4,350

(Hostel accommodation & medical insurance included in fee)

Total Course Cost (USD) : USD 27,100

Total Course Cost (INR) : INR 17,61,000

MBBS in Arkhangelsk

MBBS Admission in Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk City

The city of Arkhangelsk is the capital & administrative center of Arkhangelsk state & all nearby islands. The city lies on the bank of river Dvina which further exits into the White sea.

The sea port of Arkhangelsk had been the major port of transportation from Russia till in 1703 railway track & an airport was built. Being located in the northern most part of Russia, the city experiences extremely cold winters and pleasant summers.

Being located beside sea, the city also is a home to thousands of tourists each year. Other majority of foreigners is comprised by thousands of students from different countries who are studying MBBS in Arkhangelsk in Northern State Medical University.


Northern State Medical University has the folliwng medical faculties : Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Paediatrics, Faculty of Pharma, Faculty of Nursing & Faculty of Post Graduate Education. The university receives maximum number of students each year for MBBS Admission in Arkhangelsk.

Several foreign students choose to pursue post graduate education too at university after successful completion of MBBS in Arkhangeslk. The univerity provides education in Russian as well as English medium as required by students.

Northern State Medical University invites all aspiring & young students willing to study MBBS in Arkhangelsk to join this historic university and become great doctors.

MBBS in Northern State Medical University

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