Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

The list of all best medical colleges in Kazakhstan for Indian students is available below. Students can check detailed information about each medical college by directly clicking on them. These medical universities in Kazakhstan have admissions open for the coming 2022 (January Session) & students can apply now.

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan – 2022

Students can check the detailed information like fees, eligibility, faculties, hostels, city, etc. about each medical college of Kazakhstan by clicking on it’s name below :

West Kazakhstan State Medical University, Kazakhstan

West Kazakhstan State Medical University

West Kazakhstan State Medical University (Kazakhstan) West Kazakhstan State Medical University was established in 1997 and is located in the city of Aktobe. The university is named after Marat Ospanov who was a Kazakh politician and took part in declaration of independence of Kazakhstan. West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical…
Semey State Medical University, Kazakhstan

Semey State Medical University

Semey State Medical University (Kazakhstan) Semey State Medical University is a 68 years old government university that was established in 1953. It is located in the city of Semey which is situated in the easternmost region of Kazakhstan (Very close to Russia border). Semey Medical University offers one of the…
Caspian International School of Medicine, Kazakhstan

Caspian International School of Medicine

Caspian International School of Medicine (Kazakhstan) Caspian International School of Medicine is a 30 years old university that was established in 1992. It is located in the city of Almaty which is which is the economic hub of Kazakhstan. Caspian International School of Medicine offers one of the lowest MBBS…
North Kazakhstan State University, Kazakhstan

North Kazakhstan State University

North Kazakhstan State University (Kazakhstan) North Kazakhstan State University was established in 1937 and is 84 years old medical university located in Northern Kazakhstan. The university is named after Manash Koybayev and hence often called as Kozybayev University as well. The university is located in the city of Petropavl which…
South Kazakh Medical Academy, Kazakhstan

South Kazakh Medical Academy

South Kazakh Medical Academy (Kazakhstan) South Kazakh Medical Academy was established in 1979 and is 42 years old medical university located in South Kazakhstan. The medical academy is located in the city of Shymkent which is the 3rd largest & populous city of Kazakhstan. It offers one of the lowest …
Kazakh National Medical University, Kazakhstan

Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University (Kazakhstan) Kazakh National Medical University was established in 1930 (91 years old) and is located in the city of Almaty. The university is named after the famous professor SD Asfendiyarov and hence also known as Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University. It offers one of the lowest …
Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan

Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University (Kazakhstan) Astana Medical University is a 57 years old university that was established in 1964. It is located in the capital city of Kazakhstan i.e. Nur Sultan which is situated in the northern central of Kazakhstan. Astana Medical University offers one of the lowest MBBS fees in…

Are medical colleges in Kazakhstan recognized by MCI/NMC & WHO ?

All medical colleges in Kazakhstan are recognized by MCI/NMC (National Medical Commission) & WHO (World Health Organization) to study MBBS abroad. Students must visit the MCI/NMC website and verify that the medical college where they want to take MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is listed there.

  • Indian students should complete their MBBS course from a MCI/NMC recognized medical university of Kazakhstan.
  • It is compulsory if they want to appear in the MCI/NMC Screening Test/FMGE/National Exit Test in India.

Are medical colleges in Kazakhstan government or private ?

The medical colleges in Kazakhstan shown above for Indian students are government as well as few private universities. The Ministry of Education & Healthcare are responsible for managing them. This is one of the prime reasons for such low MBBS fees in Kazakhstan as compared to Indian colleges.

With a low population, these few government/private medical universities in Kazakhstan are sufficient to provide healthcare to whole it’s population. Hence, there has not been a requirement for establishment of more medical colleges as of now.

What is the duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan medical colleges ?

The duration of MBBS course in top medical universities in Kazakhstan is 5 years. This duration consists of pre-clinical, para-clinical & clinical classes. It also includes the period of internship which is a requirement to practice in Kazakhstan. The degree given to students from top medical colleges in Kazakhstan is MD (Physician). This is equivalent to MBBS degree that medical colleges in India provide to students.

What is the medium of instruction in Kazakhstan ?

The medium of instruction is English for Indian students except the clinical part. The clinical part of classes is the one in which they interact with local patients. Kazakhstan medical universities offer MBBS course both in Kazakh/Russian & English medium. Russian/Kazakh medium of instruction is for citizens of Kazakhstan. They prefer to study in their own national language just like most countries.

The English medium course was started in few selected medical colleges of Kazakhstan after year 2000. This was because Kazakhstan understood that there were thousands of Indian students who wanted to get medical education. But these Indian students were unable to do so because of few medical seats in India & no English medium in Kazakhstan.

After the year 2000, all universities that started English medium course for Indian students saw a huge rise in number of applications. These government & private medical universities in Kazakhstan were already recognized and approved by MCI & WHO. Hence, Indian students did not have anything to worry and decided to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Why should you study in medical colleges in Kazakhstan ?

Kazakhstan is one of the the first choices of Indians as a country for studying MBBS abroad. Medical education in Kazakhstan has been popular from the time when it was a part of USSR (Soviet Union).

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

  • Firstly, there are several renowned medical universities of Kazakhstan that are among the top universities of world.
    • WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) & many others platforms publish these lists every year.
    • These ranking show that they rank much above top Indian medical colleges too.
  • Secondly, the government of Kazakhstan controls most of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan directly.
    • The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Science & Higher Education administers these universities.
    • So this reduces the chances of any undue fees increase on government as well as private medical universities.
  • Thirdly, the population of Kazakhstan is very less than that of India so it has no scarcity of medical seats.
    • This ensures easy availability of MBBS seats just with a basic eligibility requirement.
    • Above all, the country offers a great infrastructure, modern education & a much better lifestyle.
  • Lastly, a low fees attracts large number of Indian students to Kazakhstan in the best medical colleges of Kazakhstan.

How to the choose best medical university in Kazakhstan ?

With so many popular medical universities in Kazakhstan to choose from, it becomes confusing to finalize one of them. A basic approach which we suggest should be to simply decide your total expenditure first. This should be the amount your family can afford for whole MBBS course in Kazakhstan. It can include your living expenses, travelling expenses and any other expenses. After this, you should shortlist the universities that are in your budget and select one of them.

We always try to offer students (based on their background) the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan. But they should know that all medical universities of Kazakhstan do not allow transfer of fees through loan directly to their accounts. Hence, we also advise them on universities which they should choose, if they wish to study with loan assistance.

Is studying in colleges in Kazakhstan better than India ?

There are more than 5 MCI/NMC recognized medical universities in Kazakhstan and this is a golden opportunity for Indian students to get a confirmed medical seat in Kazakhstan. India at present has very less MBBS seats in comparison to it’s population due to limited number of medical colleges & tough competition. The number of Indian students who choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan increases every year. In the last 20 years, thousands of Indian students completed their course from top medical universities in Kazakhstan. These Indians are now successfully practicing in India and other parts of the world.

Around 15-16 Lacs students appear in NEET every year in India. But there are only 70,000 MBBS seats available for allotment. Kazakhstan is one of the first choices for Indians who fail to get a seat in India even after qualifying NEET. Some students have to choose Kazakhstan due to the high cost of private medical colleges in India (Approx. 1 Cr).

Why is the fees of medical colleges in Kazakhstan different ?

Just as not all medical colleges in India have the same fee structure, the same applies to Kazakhstan too. However, there are some factors which help to understand the pattern of fees in different medical universities in Kazakhstan :

Kazakhstan Top Universities for Indian Students

  • Location, year of establishment & number of foreigners in university.
  • Number of years since English medium course started in that college.
  • Standard of foreigner’s hostel & facilities provided for them.
  • Level of expertise of medical faculty engaged in teaching Indians in English medium.
  • Number of hospitals associated with colleges/university for clinical rotational classes.
  • Additional facility of MCI/NMC training & availability of guest lecturers from India.
  • Use of modern/digital technology in teaching & practical classes.
  • Opportunity to participate in exchange programs with other countries.

Apart from the above factors, there are some other things that are important to decide the final fees. Even some of the best medical universities in Kazakhstan that have very good ranking and facilities sometimes offer lowest MBBS fees in Kazakhstan. Countries & universities do this intentionally to attract more international students from all countries including India.

Is Russian/Kazakh language compulsory in all colleges in Kazakhstan ?

All medical universities of Kazakhstan teach foreigners Kazakh/Russian language from the 1st year of their course. From 3rd year of their medical education, Indian students do not face any issues in communicating with the local patients. By the end of course, they have good practical skills and also become fluent in Russian & Kazakh language.

* Indian students may also get the opportunity to work with experienced doctors in government hospitals. This is possible in the last few years of their course to gain additional experience.

How are classes conducted for Indian students in Kazakhstan ?

The classes in Kazakhstan for foreign students are conducted in small groups where each class has 10-15 students. The teachers are able to pay attention to each of them individually. This also helps in creating a frank atmosphere for Indians where even the weak ones find it easy to ask their doubts.

The grading system is based on grades that range from 1 to 5. A grade of 5 means excellent & grade of 2 means fail. Other scores i.e. 3 is pass while 4 means good. Foreign students must clear several tests in all subjects on a regular basis. They have to pass a government licensing exam at the end of 5th year. The universities award students with their MBBS/MD (Physician) degrees after they clear this final exam.

How is practical/clinical training given to Indian students in Kazakhstan ?

The best thing about studying in medical colleges in Kazakhstan is that students get a lot of clinical & practical knowledge. They get the opportunity to visit government hospitals within city from 2nd/3rd year of their MBBS course in Kazakhstan. The first 2 years are more inclined towards theoretical subjects while the remaining years dedicated towards clinical classes & hospital visits. During these later years, students have to interact with local patients & report back to their doctors for assessment.

Some facts about MCI Screening Test/FMGE/NEXT :

Some of the most important things that all Indian students should be well aware of while applying in any medical university of Kazakhstan are :

MCI Recognized Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

  • Indian students have to appear in a screening test after completing their degree from medical colleges in Kazakhstan.
  • MCI/NMC Screening Test/FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Exam)/NeXT (National Exit Test) is the test that they must clear.
  • Indians graduates must secure minimum 50% marks in this exam to qualify it.
  • June & December are the months when they can appear in this exam every year.
  • There is no limit to the number of attempts for clearing this exam currently.
  • After clearing this exam, the graduates have to undergo 1 year compulsory internship in India.
  • Finally, the government provides permanent registration to them to work as a medical practitioner.
  • Doctors can then practice in government/private hospitals and also run their own clinics.
  • Or, they can also choose to appear for NEET PG in India or any other country’s PG exam.

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