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MBBS in Ukraine

Before we start talking about MBBS in Ukraine which recently has become popular among students, let us first know a little about the country itself. Ukraine is located in the eastern most part of Europe and is the 32nd most populated country of the world with a total population of 4,25,00,000. The total are of this country is 6,03,628 sq. kms. & has a coastline of 2,782 kms making it the 46th largest country in the world. It is the 2nd largest country in European region & the largest in European Union. The country has lots of fertile land & plateaus which are crossed my major rivers like Dnieper, Donets, Southern Bug, Dniester & Seversky before these reach the famous Black Sea & Sea of Azov.  The country is currently undergoing a territorial dispute with Russia which started in 2014, when Russian annexed Crimea region in it’s Russian Federation.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev city. Other major cities of Ukraine are Kharkiv, Odessa & Dnepropetrovsk. The official language spoken here by majority of people is Ukrainian & the second most used language being Russian language. The climate of Ukraine is fairly dry & warm in summers & severely cold in winters. Summer temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees and winters fall in between 0 to -10 degrees with chances always being of them falling down further. Despite severe winters, Ukraine experiences approx. 300 sunny days in an year. Some of the natural resources found abundantly in Ukraine are coal, iron ore, natural gas, sulphur, graphite, nickel & timber.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine has recently witnessed a steep rise in the influx of students for MBBS in Ukraine from the Indian sub continent. The government of Ukraine lays very much emphasis on secondary education & grants free education to all it’s citizens. The number of medical universities it has seems to be actually more than the number of them required for a country of this size. There are more than 20 government medical universities in this country that are solely run by the government under their Ministry of Health of Ukraine & Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine departments. All of these medical colleges for MBBS in Ukraine are recognized by WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) as well as MCI (Medical Council of India). The country is always happy to accept students from around the world for studying MBBS in Ukraine. All it’s university are equipped will modern facilities & reflect a great European infrastructure.

15 years back from today, there was not such an open environment for students from around the world to study MBBS in Ukraine due to the fact that no English medium courses were available back then. But, just a few years after MBBS in English medium in Russia was started, Ukraine also opened it’s gates to international students and has since then been seeing a rise in number of students from India every year. As the number of students grew every year in Ukraine, the standard of education in English medium also started gaining popularity and today Ukraine gets hundreds of students in every of it’s university for studying MBBS in Ukraine. Being more of a European counter part, the students from India are also very keen to get themselves enrolled in this part of world at nearly the same cost that they would have spent for getting MBBS admission in Russia in the neighborhood.

With the number of aspiring students from India increasing every year, MBBS in Ukraine is very rapidly gaining popularity among students from India due to the whole lot things it has to offer in an affordable cost just as that of Russia. As of today, thousands of students have graduated from different medical universities of Ukraine and are successfully practicing in India & other parts of the world. The duration of MBBS in Ukraine is of 6 years (5 years 8 months) in English medium. While the option of studying in Ukrainian medium is also available at a much less cost, rarely any student opts for studying MBBS in Ukraine in Ukrainian medium. The reasons being the obvious one i.e. student’s clear intention of returning to India after course & the extra duration of course to learn Ukrainian language which makes it of 7 years (6 years 8 months). The professors & teachers have immense experience in teaching international students in English medium too.

MBBS admission in Ukraine is granted based on their qualifications of school & no entrance test is required for the same. The classes of each group does not comprise more than 14-16 students. It helps the students immensely to be frank with their teachers and clear their doubts without any hesitation. The grading system in Ukraine is from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest score 5 being the highest score. A score of 2 or below is considered fail and students must score either 3/4/5 to clear any test or exam. Through the course of studying MBBS in Ukraine, students have to take numerous oral, practical & written tests in offline & online mode to keep up with the pace of medical education and be up to date. The students must also clear a government licensing exam at the end of their course of MBBS in Ukraine to be finally granted the degree of MD (Physician). This degree is equivalent to MBBS doctor’s qualification in India and is just a sort of synonym of it.

Studying MBBS in Ukraine can prove to be a lifetime experience for students. All universities provide rigorous practical knowledge to international students. After the 1st 2 years of MBBS education in Ukraine, they have most of their classes in hospitals of city where they get to interact with patients, place a diagnosis & write a treatment plan. Students may even get a chance to work on a day or night duty in hospitals in last 2 years of their MBBS course in Ukraine. After completion of their MBBS in Ukraine in English medium, students can choose to return to India for practice or even stay in Ukraine just after completion of course and immediately get a work permit there.

Benefits of MBBS in Ukraine

Below are few of the benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine :

  • No donation or entrance examination required for admission
  • Admissions granted solely on the basis of eligibility requirement i.e. 50% marks in PCB in 12th; 17 years age (NEET qualification as per government rules)
  • MBBS fees in Ukraine for full course ranges from 15 Lac to 30 Lac to help students choose according to their budget
  • Full MBBS course conducted in English medium for international students
  • All government medical universities of Ukraine are approved by WHO (World Health Organization) as well as MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • Small class groups with not more than 14-16 students in them
  • Separate hostel for international students (mostly Indians) & top notch security
  • All modern facilities available in hostels and are free of cost for all students
  • Different types of accommodation options available to choose from based on student’s requirement
  • Available option to practice medicine there itself just after completion of MBBS course
  • A vast number of Indian students are already studying MBBS in Ukraine
  • Students can appear in USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc. to study in PG (Post graduation) in any of these countries
  • Various student exchange programs & summer internships offered by colleges
  • Regular extra-curricular activities conducted by universities for overall personality development of students

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