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MBBS Fees Structure in Russia

Check & compare MBBS fees in Russia (For Indian students) to get admission in various medical colleges available for 2019 academic session here. Indian Students would find the table very useful as the fees structure is provided in US Dollars as well as Indian Rupees. It gives a clear idea about the yearly fees of each university & can accordingly decide where he/she wants to take admission & study MBBS in Russia.

Name of UniversityEstablishedCity1st Year Fees

(Tuition + Hostel + Medical)
2nd-6th / Year Fees

(Tuition + Hostel + Medical)
Total Course Fees

(Tuition + Hostel + Medical)
Izhevsk State Medical Academy1933IzhevskUSD 6,000 / INR 3,90,000USD 3,250 / INR 2,11,250USD 22,250 / INR 14,46,250
Crimea Federal University1931SimferopolUSD 6,500 / INR 4,22,500USD 3,550 / INR 2,30,750USD 24,250 / INR 15,76,250
Bashkir State Medical University1932UfaUSD 6,500 / INR 4,22,500USD 4,650 / INR 3,02,250USD 27,750 / INR 19,33,750
Kazan State Medical University1814KazanUSD 6,400 / INR 4,16,000USD 5,400 / INR 3,51,000USD 33,400 / INR 21,71,000
Northern State Medical University1932ArkhangelskUSD 5,620 / INR 3,65,300USD 5,620 / INR 3,65,300USD 33,720 / INR 21,91,800
Kazan Federal University1804KazanUSD 8,000 / INR 5,20,000USD 6,250 / INR 4,06,250USD 39,250 / INR 25,51,250
Novosibirsk State University1958NovosibirskUSD 7,980 / INR 5,18,700USD 6,980 / INR 4,53,700USD 42,880 / INR 27,87,200
Mari State University1972Yoshkar-OlaUSD 5,500 / INR 3,57,500USD 4,500 / INR 2,92,500USD 28,000 / INR 18,20,000
Ulyanovsk State University1995UlyanovskUSD 6,000 / INR 3,90,000USD 5,000 / INR 3,25,000USD 31,000 / INR 20,15,000
Altai State Medical University1954BarnaulUSD 6,000 / INR 3,90,000USD 5,100 / INR 3,31,500USD 31,500 / INR 20,47,500
Siberian State Medical University1930TomskUSD 6,150 / INR 3,99,750USD 5,150 / INR 3,34,750USD 31,900 / INR 20,73,500
Perm State Medical University1916PermUSD 5,500 / INR 3,57,500USD 5,500 / INR 3,57,500USD 33,000 / INR 21,45,000
Orenburg State Medical University1944OrenburgUSD 6,000 / INR 3,90,000USD 6,000 / INR 3,90,000USD 36,000 / INR 23,40,000
Kursk State Medical University1935KurskUSD 6,200 / INR 4,03,000USD 6,200 / INR 4,03,000USD 37,200 / INR 24,18,000
Volgograd State Medical University1935VolgogradUSD 6,530 / INR 4,24,450USD 6,530 / INR 4,24,450USD 39,180 / INR 25,46,700
Tver State Medical University1954TverUSD 7,000 / INR 4,55,000USD 7,000 / INR 4,55,000USD 42,000 / INR 27,30,000
Stavrapol State Medical University1937StavrapolUSD 8,570 / INR 5,57,050USD 7,320 / INR 4,75,800USD 45,170 / INR 29,36,050
Russian National Medical University1930MoscowUSD 11,200 / INR 7,28,000USD 9,200 / INR 5,98,000USD 57,200 / INR 37,18,000
First Moscow State Medical University1758MoscowUSD 13,200 / INR 8,58,000USD 11,100 / INR 7,21,500USD 68,700 / INR 44,65,500

How is MBBS fees in Russia calculated ?

The MBBS fees in Russia is fixed and payable in Russian rubles by all medical universities for Russian students only. But as Russian ruble is not that easily available at currency exchange firms in many countries (Including India), the fees for Indian students is converted and calculated in US dollars, so as to provide an easy exchange option to students from India. The students can carry the 1st year fees with themselves and pay directly in university upon arrival in university. Once the MBBS fees in Russia is fixed in US dollars, it does not vary with the daily fluctuating value of Indian rupee against dollar and the student must carry the exact amount of US dollars mentioned above in MBBS fee structure table, irrespective of the rate of India rupee against US dollar at the time of exchange.

How is MBBS fees in Russia paid ?

The MBBS fees in Russia can be paid through 2 modes i.e. direct payment of university fees upon arrival in Russia, and the second option being transfer of MBBS fees directly to university’s bank account in Russia through bank. If the student wishes to transfer MBBS fees in Russia through bank, then this must be completed before departure from India and the student must carry the fees transfer slip from bank along with himself/herself. However, only selected universities have the facility to accept direct fees transfer from India in university’s bank account.

What is the eligibility requirement for MBBS admission in Russia ?

The eligibility requirement for Indian students who are desirous of getting MBBS admission in Russia is as mentioned below :

  • 50% marks in PCB in 12th/Inter/Equivalent (40% marks for SC/ST/OBC)
  • NEET 2019 qualified
  • Minimum 17 years age till 31st December 2019

Apart from the eligibility requirement specified above, few selected medical universities in Russia have their specific requirement for PCB percentage in 12th which can be 60% or 70% marks too instead of the regular 50% marks criteria set by MCI (Medical Council of India).

How to apply for MBBS admission in Russia ?

Once the students make sure that they fit the eligibility requirement stated above, they can apply for MBBS admission in Russia either online or directly by visiting any of our offices in India. For online applicants, they must submit the scanned copies of their original documents (10th & 12th mark-sheets & passport) on our email ID for initiation of MBBS admission in Russia. For the applicants who plan to visit our office, they can also do the same by scheduling their appointment through call in nearest PEC office.

* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* 1 USD = INR 65 applied at the time of preparing above MBBS fees structure.
* Amount payable may differ at the time of exchange depending on forex rate.

To know more details about MBBS admission in any of the above mentioned medical colleges in Russia, you can simply click on their name to know all details about them like university, faculties, infrastructure, city, lifestyle & a lot more. All of the medical universities are recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) as well as MCI (Medical Council of India).

Check MCI Recognition : https://www.mciindia.org/CMS/information-desk/for-students-to-study-in-abroad
Check WHO Recognition : https://search.wdoms.org/

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