Novosibirsk State University

Study MBBS in Novosibirsk State University, Russia - PEC

Fee Structure :

  • 1st Year Fee : USD 8,300
  • 2nd – 6th Year Fee / Year : USD 6,300
  • Total Course Cost (USD) : USD 39,800
  • Total Course Cost (INR) : INR 25,87,000

Novosibirsk State University :

Novosibirsk State University was established in the year 1958 as a motive to establish a branch of USSR Academy of Sciences in the region of Siberia. The university worked in close collaboration with the scientific center in training highly qualified specialists for science and education. More than 50,000 graduates, 6,000 Ph.D’s & 1,600 Doctorates have passed out successfully from Novosibirsk State University since 1958. 48 graduates from NSU are member of Russian Academy of Sciences today. Novosibirsk State University is the only university in whole region of Siberia which has the multi-level system of continuing education. In NSU, international students are selected on the basis of eligibility outlined by the university administration.

Faculties :

Novosibirsk State University has more than 1,800 teachers including 5500 doctors of Science, 57 professors who are also members of Russian Academy of Sciences, 750 senior lectures and many others. NSU offers graduate, post-graduate, doctoral & several research programs for students. The Novosibirsk State University has faculties of Medicine, Philosophy, Psychology, Law, Journalism, Humanities, Foreign Languages, Economics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, Geology & Geophysics & many more. The MBBS in Novosibirsk has recently been started in English medium for students from other countries willing to study MBBS in Russia. NSU welcomes all eligible candidates from across the world to join MBBS in Novosibirsk and be a part of this prestigious university in Russia.

Novosibirsk City :

Novosibirsk is the most populated city in whole of Russia after Moscow & St. Petersburg. It is the capital of the Novosibirsk State in Russia. The city is also the administrative center of the Siberian Federal District. The city is located on the bank of “Ob River” and very close to the “Ob Valley”. Novosibirsk is a major stop in the “Trans-Siberian Railway” route & northern end of “Turkestan-Siberia” track. The city is well connected to all parts through metro too which was established in year 1985. Novosibirsk has a special region known as “Akademgorodok” which means “Education City” and is especially dedicated to major educational institutions including the Novosibirsk State University as well as the Russian Academy of Sciences.