MBBS Colleges in Russia

The duration of course is 6 years in all MBBS colleges in Russia for Indian students. The medium of instruction is English. All of the available medical universities in Russia for Indian students are listed below and full details can be accessed by clicking them individually. All of the below MBBS colleges in Russia are recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) & MCI (Medical Council of India).

MBBS Colleges in Russia : For Indian Students

Study MBBS in Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Russia - PEC

Izhevsk State Medical Academy

About Izhevsk State Medical Academy Izhevsk State Medical Academy was established in the year 1933 and is one the leading medical colleges in Russia for higher medical education. The university is located in the Izhevsk city which is the capital of Udmurt Republic of Russian Federation. The university is proud…
Study MBBS in Crimea Federal University, Russia - PEC

Crimea Federal University

About Crimea Federal University Crimea Federal University is a center of higher education located in the city of Simferopol in the Republic of Crimea. It functions under the governance of the Ministry of Health of Russia & Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia. The Crimea Federal University is also recognized…
Study MBBS in Bashkir State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Bashkir State Medical University

About Bashkir State Medical University Bashkir State Medical University is located in the Ufa i.e capital city of Bashkortostan Republic. The university was founded in year 1932 and till date remains one of the classical medical colleges in Russia for medical, dental & pharmaceutical courses for students from all over the world. Bashkir…
Study MBBS in Kazan State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Kazan State Medical University

About Kazan State Medical University Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) was established in 1814, however the order for establishment of a university in Kazan was passed in year 1804. It belongs to the scientific research of the Ministry of Health of Russia & Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia.…
Study MBBS in Kazan Federal University, Russia - PEC

Kazan Federal University

About Kazan Federal University Kazan Federal University (KFU) is one of the oldest universities of Russia and was given the federal status in year 2010. It has gained a lot of international fame and respect due to the achievements & it’s beneficial effect on whole of mankind. It is equally active…
Study MBBS in Novosibirsk State University, Russia - PEC

Novosibirsk State University

About Novosibirsk State University Novosibirsk State University was established in the year 1958 as a motive to establish a branch of USSR Academy of Sciences in the region of Siberia. The university is recognized by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation and Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.…
Study MBBS in Mari State University, Russia - PEC

Mari State University

About Mari State University Mari State University was founded in year 1972 and is a classical university of Mari El Republic. The university is located in the city of Yoskar Ola, the capital city of this Mari El Republic state. It functions under the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation & Ministry…
Study MBBS in Stavropol State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Stavropol State Medical University

About Stavropol State Medical University Stavropol State Medical University (SSMU) was founded in the year 1938. Since then, the university has prepared thousands of skilled doctors who are working all around the world & make the university proud. The Stavropol Statate Medical University functions under the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation…
Study MBBS in Siberian State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Siberian State Medical University

About Siberian State Medical University Siberian State Medical University was founded in the year 1878 as Tomsk Imperial Institute. It acquired university status in the year 1992. Before it got the university status, it was known as Tomsk Medical Institute too. The university is counted among the top 5 medical colleges…
Study MBBS in Perm State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Perm State Medical University

About Perm State Medical University Perm State Medical University was founded in the year 1916 and is located in the Perm city which is capital of Perm state of Russian Federation. The university started as a medical institute and with time gained status of an academy and finally was given…
Study MBBS in Orenburg State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Orenburg State Medical University

About Orenburg State Medical University Orenburg State Medical University was founded in the year 1944 and is located in Orenburg city, capital of Orenburg state of Russia. It received the status of university in year 1994. The OSMU, Orenburg works under the governance of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation & Ministry…
Study MBBS in Kursk State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University Kursk State Medical University was established in 1935. It is among the top 10 medical colleges in Russia. It is the 1st university of Russia where English medium medical course was started for foreign students and is considered one of the best for MBBS admission in Russia.…
Study MBBS in Volgograd State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Volgograd State Medical University

About Volgograd State Medical University Volgograd State Medical University was founded in the year 1935 and back then it was started as Stalingrad Medical Institute. It was given the status of university in year 2003. The Volgograd State Medical University functions under the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation &…
Study MBBS in Tver State Medical University, Russia - PEC

Tver State Medical University

About Tver State Medical University Tver State Medical University was established in the year 1954. But strangely, it was founded in the year 1902 when it started as a dental polyclinic & later an institute in the city of St. Petersburg. It was in 1954 that the faculty of general…

MBBS Colleges in Russia : MCI Recognition

All medical universities in Russia that are offered by us above, are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) and the same can be checked online by visiting list of medical colleges to study MBBS abroad. We strongly recommend each and every student to once visit the MCI’s official website and verify that the selected medical college in Russia, where he/she intends to take MBBS admission in Russia is recognized in MCI’s website. This is very important, as only those students who complete their MBBS course from a MCI recognized medical university in Russia are allowed to appear in the MCI Screening Test/FMGE/National Exit Test in India for practicing medicine here.

Medical Colleges in Russia : Government/Private

All MBBS colleges in Russia that are currently being offered by us to Indian students are government universities. This is one of the prime reasons for such low MBBS fees in Russia as compared to Indian medical colleges. With a very low population in Russia, these handful number of government medical universities in Russia are actually sufficient to provide adequate healthcare services to whole of it’s population. Hence, neither there has been any such requirement nor competition among universities or colleges in Russia for establishing private medical colleges in Russia yet.

MBBS Colleges in Russia

Medical Universities in Russia : Fees Criteria

Just as not all MBBS medical colleges in India have the same fee structure, the same applies to Russia too. However, there are some obvious factors which determine and help us understand the varying pattern of fees in different medical colleges in Russia. Some of the factors are as mentioned below :

  • Location of university
  • Establishment year of university
  • Number of foreign students enrolled in university
  • Number of years since English medium course started
  • Standard of hostel & facilities for foreign students
  • Level of expertise of medical faculty teaching in English medium
  • Number of hospitals associated with university for clinical classes
  • Additional facility of MCI training & preparation
  • Availability of guest lecturers from India
  • Use of modern & digital technology in teaching
  • Opportunity to participate in exchange programs with other countries

These above factors are not the only ones that are taken into consideration while deciding fees. There are some top notch universities in Russia, that have very good infrastructure and facilities, but offer MBBS course in low fees as a step to attract more international students and stay in competition with other universities that are well established since decades.

How to Choose Best Medical University in Russia ?

With so many renowned MBBS universities in Russia, it can be rather confusing at times to finalize one among them. A basic approach which we suggest should be, simply to plan and first of all decide your total expenditure for whole MBBS course including living expenses, travelling to India expenses and any other miscellaneous expenses which you have in your mind. After which, you should calculate the total amount which you can afford per year and then start looking for options within that budget. We are always here to suggest the best possible option within your affordable budget and help you finalize the best MBBS university in Russia accordingly. As not all medical universities in Russia allow transfer of fees through loan directly to their bank accounts, we also advise on universities to choose from if you wish to study with loan assistance in Russia.

Medical Colleges in Russia

MBBS Education in Medical Universities in Russia

The Russian Federation (aka. Russia) in the first choice of Indian students when it comes to choosing a country for MBBS abroad. MBBS education in Russia has been in limelight since the Soviet Era. There are dozens of medical universities in Russia that occupy top positions among world universities list published by WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) every year. All of the top universities are Russia are run by government solely. These government medical universities of Russia are controlled by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation & Ministry of Science and Higher Education & Science. With population of the Russian Federation being not as much as of India, there is no crisis of medical seats availability. The easy availability of MBBS seats combined with their great infrastructure & a very affordable fees are some of the main factors that attract huge number of students from India every year to MBBS colleges in Russia.

Russian medical universities offer MBBS course in Russian & English medium both. Russian medium of instruction is for citizens of Russia as they prefer to study in their own language. The English medium MBBS course was started just after the year 2000, due to the changing global standards & requirements. And from that very year, most of the medical universities that had launched English medium course started to see a steep rise in number of students applications (from India especially) who showed interest in medical education in Russia. With most of these government medical universities in Russia already being in the recognized list of Medical Council of India since a long time, students did not have to worry at all when they decided to step out of India for MBBS in Russia.

Today, there are more than 75 medical universities of Russia that are included in the MCI (Medical Council of India) website and all of them easily get required number of students every year. It is a win-win situation for the Russian medical universities as well as Indian students opting for them. In the last 15 years, several batches completed their course from top MBBS colleges in Russia and are today either successfully practicing in India or in some other part of the world. With each year passing by since the first batch of MBBS students graduated from Russia, there has been an increase every year in the number of students going abroad. After all, with 14 Lac students appearing in NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance test) ever year in India and only 55,000-60,000 medical seats available for them; Russia proves to be the right destination for Indian students who do not want to blame their luck in future for the lack of seats & a missed opportunity.

Medical Universities in Russia

The degree awarded to students after successful completion of medical education from any medical university in Russia is M.D. (Physician). After they returning back to India and qualifying the MCI/National Exit Test, they are given the registration of a MBBS doctor in India and can immediately start practicing anywhere. The duration of medical education in Russia is of 6 years (Exactly 5 years 8 months) in English medium and of 7 years (Exactly 6 years 8 months) if the student chooses to study in Russian medium. The course in Russian medium includes additional 1 year preparatory course for learning Russian language, post which the medical course is started, hence the total duration of MBBS becomes 7 years. Almost all Indian students opt for English medium MBBS course in Russian medical universities, keeping in mind the fact they see their future back in India after completion of their degrees.

The classes in Russia are conducted in groups, with no group of student exceeding 15 students. It helps the professors to pay more attention to each student of group and eventually a better understanding for students too. The exams are conducted in written, oral & practical types in offline (paper & pen) as well as online mode. The grading system is bases on grades from 1 to 5, with grade 5 meaning the best score & grade 2 considered as fail. Apart from all the regular tests & exams in all subjects, students have to take a government licensing exam in 6th year as their final exam (State Licensing Exam) before the MBBS degrees are awarded to them.

The best thing about studying MBBS colleges in Russia is that students get a lot of practical knowledge. The students regularly visit various government city hospitals just after 2 years of their course, once sufficient theoretical knowledge base has been built up in them. All Indian students are taught Russian language free of cost in all Russian universities from the very first year of their course, so that from 3rd year of their medical education they do not face any issues in communicating with the local patients they meet in hospitals. By the end of their course, students have solid practical knowledge and by this time are also fluent in Russian language for the rest of their lives. Students also get to work with experienced and skilled doctors in government hospitals (Associated with medical universities) during the last 3 years of their course and may also find a chance to serve day or night duties in some city hospital.

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