MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan 2021 (January Session)

MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan 2021 – January Session

The MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021 (January Session) are now open for Indian students. It has not been long when the MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan decided to wrap their September 2020 session intake, which seemed disappointing to many students in India. These students had planned for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan (Sept. Session) but missed the admission date due to delayed NEET counseling rounds this year.

However, the January session is one great opportunity for all such students as the universities have stared accepting fresh applications for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021. Kazakhstan surprisingly gained a lot of momentum this year in contrast to other countries which quite actually suffered in terms of the total number of admissions in September 2020 session.

The total number of Indian students who took MBBS admission in Kazakhstan (In few selected universities) this year surpassed many other renowned medical universities in neighboring countries like Russia, Ukraine & Kyrgyzstan.

Some of the main reasons for a sudden surge in MBBS admission in Kazakhstan universities are :

  • Duration of course which is 5 years only (Similar to that in India). This is 1 year less than what students have to devote in Russia or Ukraine (Which offers a 6 years MBBS course)
  • The ranking of some of the top government medical universities in Kazakhstan (Especially : Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University) is far better than top universities in Russia or Ukraine
  • The total fees here comes as a big surprise as the whole course of MBBS in Kazakhstan is available in just 15 Lacs (Including the hostel accommodation & medical insurance of all 5 years)
  • Last but not the least, No compulsory mess i.e. the students are free to choose whether they wish to join the Indian mess (On paid basis) or prepare food by themselves in hostels from 1st year itself. (This is compulsory in several of the medical universities at approx. USD 1,200 for an year, where students are able to leave the Indian mess only after paying for 1st year)

Fees Structure of MBBS in Kazakhstan 2021 (January)

Here is the detailed year wise fees of medical universities that are available currently and accepting applications for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021 from Indian students. The yearly fees of each university mentioned below includes tuition fees, hostel accommodation & medical insurance.


Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

  • 1st Year Fees : USD 5,500 / INR 3,85,000
  • 2nd-6th/Year Fees : USD 4,800 / INR 3,36,000
  • Total Fees : USD 24,700 / INR 17,29,000
  • Medium : English
  • Duration : 5 Years
  • Government/Private : Government
  • City : Almaty

South Kazakh Medical Academy

  • 1st Year Fees : USD 5,850 / INR 4,09,500
  • 2nd-6th/Year Fees : USD 3,950 / INR 2,76,500
  • Total Fees : USD 21,650 / INR 15,15,000
  • Medium : English
  • Duration : 5 Years
  • Government/Private : Government
  • City : Shymkent

* 1 USD = INR 70 applied at the time of preparing above MBBS fees structure.
* Amount payable may differ at the time of exchange depending on forex rate.

Both of the above universities are recognized by WHO & MCI/NMC which can be checked through the below links :

MCI/NMC Recognition : https://www.nmc.org.in/information-desk/for-students-to-study-in-abroad
WHO Recognition : https://www.wdoms.org/

Eligibility Requirement for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021

The eligibility requirement that each student must fulfill are as mentioned below :

  • 50% marks in 12th/Inter
  • 17 years age
  • NEET qualification

Online MBBS classes in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

As we are all well aware of the ongoing situation in whole world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the medical universities of Kazakhstan have decided to start the classes for 1st year students in online mode. The Indian students who took admission in the September 2020 session have already started attending their online classes.

The students who will now apply for the January 2021 session, will have their online classes started by January/February 2021. As of present, almost all the reputed universities worldwide are conducting classes online. This routine will continue till the international flights to these countries are resumed. Students should look at the positive aspect of this i.e. they will save 6 months of their time (As the next academic session will begin in September 2021) and also save the personal living expenses (As they will be attending online classes sitting at home from India).

The main question that may come to mind of several students here probably would be that “How can they study medicine through online classes which involves a whole lot of practical skills, examination & interactions with patients ?”

Well, the answer is quite simple ! You do not start interacting with patients directly from the very 1st semester of your MBBS course abroad. The subjects taught during the 1st semester of course are medical physics, medical biology, medical chemistry, Kazakh language, Latin language, etc. The main stream medicine subjects begin from 2nd semester i.e. Anatomy & Histology. By the start of 2nd semester, it would already be September 2021 and flights would surely resume till then. We hope this clears the doubts of many.

Who to take MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021 (January) through us ?

Concisely, the most important benefit that you get when you apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan through us is that you can be 100% sure that you are getting what you pay for and at exactly the same price as mentioned everywhere on website. No hidden payments for anything else !

As we have already sent dozens of students in Kazakhstan for the September 2020 session, we have ample seats available for the January 2021 session too. You can be sure that you will also get a confirmed seat, provided you are eligible (Based on eligibility requirements mentioned above) & have a strong desire to be a doctor !

Apply Now for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021 (January)

The step wise process for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan 2021 is as below :

  • Submit scans of marksheets (10th & 12th), NEET result and filled up application forms
  • Receive admission letter (Soft copy) from university confirming your admission
  • Submit original documents with your passport for invitation letter
  • Visa application and stamping will be done from Kazakhstan embassy in India (When international flights become operational)
  • Air tickets will be booked and you will be informed about your travel date (When international flights become operational)

Students who are interested to apply in any of the the above medical universities of Kazakhstan can book their seats and get confirmed admission letter by either completing the above steps online (Recommended due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation) or by visiting any of our offices mentioned on our Contact Us page.

Students who wish to know anything more about MBBS in Kazakhstan can also submit their contact details by CLICKING HERE and we will get back to you very soon.

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