Marks Required in NEET 2021 for MBBS Admission Abroad

Marks required in NEET 2021 for MBBS admission abroad

With NEET exam date declared on 1st August 2021, almost all students who are desirous of studying MBBS abroad are most anxious about the minimum marks required in NEET 2021 for MBBS admission abroad.

Before jumping on to approximations about what could be the qualifying score or cut-off in NEET 2021, we would like to throw some light on previous year’s cut off scores as mentioned below :

  • NEET 2020 :
    • General Category : 143/720
    • SC/ST/OBC : 113/720
  • NEET 2019 :
    • General Category : 134/720
    • SC/ST/OBC : 107/720
  • NEET 2018 :
    • General Category : 119/720
    • SC/ST/OBC : 96/720

As most of you would have noticed yourself what we wanted to show by showing the last 3 year’s NEET scores. Well if not, then there’s an uprising trend noticeable clearly every year. The qualifying marks/cut-off marks that were as low as 119 & 96 in 2018 have come up to 143 & 113 in 2020.

However, this cannot simply does not imply that it will rise even further this year because probably the NEET exam was easiest in 2020 among all past years. There were even few candidates who scored 720/720 in 2020 which had never happened in past years.

So, how much minimum score should the students target who just want to be eligible to study MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or any where else ?

We would suggest students to target at least 140-150 (For General category) and 110-120 (For Reserved category). If you are able to achieve this score, you will have yourself on the safer side to choose any medical university abroad where you wish to study medicine.

These qualifying marks might seem high (As per the past trend observed which is very difficult to continue this year too), but if you target these scores, then in maximum cases it’s possible that you will at least end up scoring something near this score. The qualifying marks might be lower actually this year in 2021, as it’s quite difficult that the NEET paper will again be as easy as it was in 2020.

Staying in the 50th Percentile (For General Category) simple means that if there are 15 Lac students appearing then you have to stay in the top 7.5 Lac students. That’s it ! No matter what the cut-off score is. (As the cut-off marks are decided on the basis of the 50th percentile last rank holder’s marks are)

So prepare well and try your best to stay in the top 50% students and avoid the other half that will not be considered un-qualified for abroad education or anywhere else in India too for MBBS course. Same applies to reserved category students, however the criteria is somewhat relaxed for them. They have to be in 40th percentile i.e. maintain score so much so that they stay in the top 60% students out of total appearing students.

If you are able to qualify NEET, you will have diverse options of top government medical universities to choose from. The fees of each country in tabular format & details of all it’s medical universities that are open to accept students from India can be checked from the below links :

We wish you best of luck in your preparation for NEET 2021 and hope to have you in touch with us after NEET exams ! 

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