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Lviv National Medical University

The university was founded in the year 1784 and is one of the oldest as well as biggest medical colleges in Ukraine ever since. The university is named after Danylo Halytskyand has level IV accreditation with a long history & glorious traditions. In year 2018 at the 10th International Exhibition of “Innovation of Modern Education”, it received a Golden Medal & Diploma in nomination “International cooperation as a factor of modern development of the educational institution in the conditions of globalization and internationalization of education”. In the same year 2018, the university was placed at 11th position among 162 institutions of higher education in Ukraine. LNMU, Lviv works under the governance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine & Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine. It is also recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) & NMC (National Medical Commission). According to another rating published by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Lviv National Medical University ranking (Named after Danylo Halytsky) took the 1st spot among all MBBS colleges in Ukraine based on educational & methodological work in medical field. At present, more than 300 Indian students are studying MBBS in Lviv.

MBBS Fees in Lviv National Medical University

  • 1st Year Fee : USD 7,000 / INR 4,90,000
  • 2nd – 6th Year Fee / Year : USD 5,800 / INR 4,06,000
  • Total Course Fee (USD) : USD 36,000 / INR 25,20,000

Yearly fees includes tuition fees, hostel accommodation & medical insurance cost too.

MBBS Duration in Lviv National Medical University

  • Duration of Course : 6 Years
  • Medium of Instruction : English

MBBS Eligibility in Lviv National Medical University

  • 50% marks in PCB in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Minimum 17 years age till 31st December
  • NEET qualification (As per government rules)

MBBS Admission in Lviv

MBBS in Lviv National Medical University

D. Halytsky Lviv National Med. University has 14 buildings, a dental center, pharmacy, training simulation center, botanical garden, research institutes, scientific library and much more in it’s campus alone. The university provides opportunity for students from around the world to study MBBS in Ukraine in English medium in addition to the Ukrainian & Russian languages which most of the local students choose. At present, more than 6,250 students study in Lviv National Medical University and there are 1,150 interns in addition to it. The university also provides scholarship options to the best student based on their academic performance after they are accepted for MBBS admission in Ukraine. The duration of MBBS course in Lviv National Medical University in English medium is 6 years. The teachers, professors and doctors engaged in training foreign students are highly skilled in their areas as well as English language to impart the best knowledge to students from around the world. The total MBBS fees in Lviv National Medical University is quite comparable and similar to other popular college’s MBBS fees in Ukraine. As compared to other top medical universities in Ukraine, MBBS seats in Lviv for Indian students are finished much before others, hence it is advised that interested students from India should apply here as soon as possible to get a confirmed medical seat.

Lviv National Medical University Ukraine

Lviv National Medical University Hostels

Lviv National Med. University has 9 hostels dedicated for accommodation of students including international students. The university also organizes sports and health camps known as “Medik”. Some of the Lviv National Medical University hostels are located within campus of university and some are located at a close distance from university in city. All hostels are equipped with modern security features, fire alarm systems, round the clock security and CCTV monitoring too. Boys and girls are provided separate floors and blocks in the foreign student’s hostel. All floors of hostels have common kitchens, washrooms, toilets for a group of rooms while some of the hostels have attached toilets, washrooms and kitchens. Students are allotted rooms based on availability on a first come first serve basis. All rooms are pre-equipped with study table, study chair, wardrobe, lamps, beds, bed sheets, pillows, etc. Laundry and gym facility is also available in hostels for students to relax. Cafe with Indian foods is also situated within Lviv National Medical University hostels especially for Indian students. With so many students studying from India in MBBS in Lviv State Medical University, all Indian festivals are also celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor every year. Annual sporting and cultural events are also organized by university every year for students to showcase their individual talents.

MBBS Fees in Lviv

Lviv National Medical University Faculties

Danylo Halytsky LNMU has the following faculties viz. faculty of general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, post graduate education & faculty of international students. The faculty of general medicine is the one which receives most number of students from different countries for studying MBBS in Lviv National Medical University every year as compared to other faculties at university. During the first 3 years of MBBS course, emphasis is given to gaining theoretical knowledge while the last 3 years of MBBS course are fully dedicated towards learning clinical skills and involves hospitals visits and interaction with local patients. The university has various exchange programs also going on annually in which students can participate and travel with to teachers to countries like UK, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, France, Croatia, Ireland, Canada, Israel, etc. The university has a total of 74 departments out of which 47 are clinical departments and 19 are for support for higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The university invites all eligible applicants from around the world to come and study MBBS in Ukraine by choosing Lviv National Med. University as their destination for shaping their medical careers ahead.

Study MBBS in Lviv

Lviv City in Ukraine

Lviv city is the capital city of Lviv region located in the western part of Ukraine and is the largest city in this area. It is the 7th largest city of Ukraine too. The city is the administrative capital of this region and one of the main cultures centers of Ukraine. The city is an important education center of Ukraine and the city alone has 12 universities & 8 academies of higher education. Lviv National Medical University is also one of these universities. Some of the other major universities in city are Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv Polytechnic, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Academy of Commerce and many more. The city has been a major attraction among students from abroad due to the long history of university in teaching MBBS in Ukraine. For transport within the city, students can travel in trams, trolley buses, vans, taxis, etc. The city is located close to the region bordering Romania, Slovakia & Hungary. The city is well connected through road, rail & air routes to rest of Ukraine & internationally too across Europe. The university invites all eligible applicants from around the world to come and study MBBS in Lviv and create a better future for themselves that lies ahead of them.

Why to study MBBS in Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine ?

Some of useful facts which might make it easier for a student to decide about studying MBBS in Lviv National Medical University are as mentioned below :

MBBS in Lviv National Medical University

  • Lviv National Medical University is one of the oldest MBBS colleges in Ukraine that has been providing MBBS education to Indian students since several years and has been very successful at it.
  • The standard of MBBS education adopted and taught to Indian students in Lviv is nothing less than top medical universities located in western part of the world and Europe.
  • The university has partnership and exchange programs with numerous reputed medical universities located in Europe and other parts of the world. These MBBS exchange programs can be utilized by Indian student studying MBBS in Lviv too.
  • In addition to hundreds of Indian students, many students from other parts of the world also take MBBS admission in Lviv National Medical University every year and this provides an opportunity for Indian students to directly interact with them and learn new cultures.
  • The total MBBS fees in Lviv National Medical University is very less as compared to MBBS course in other parts of European countries which charge a hefty amount from Indian students.
  • Indian students studying MBBS in Lviv National Medical University get ample exposure to clinical classes as from 3rd year most of their classes are conducted in government hospitals located within the city and get to interact with patients and give their diagnosis.
  • Indian students who took MBBS admission in Lviv National Medical University and graduated from it have shown excellent results in not only MCI Screening Test (FMGE) but also in various other country’s licensing exams like USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc.
  • Hundreds of Indian students who became doctors from Lviv are today practicing in India and other parts of the world which proves the quality of MBBS in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • The total number of Indian students studying MBBS in Lviv National Medical University at present is more than 500 already, which gives a clear picture of the large community of Indians students studying here.
  • Indian students get the opportunity to participate in various research and scientific activities with senior professors and teachers during their MBBS in Lviv National Medical University.
  • Hostel accommodation is organized in such way that Indian boys and girls have separate floors or blocks. In addition to this, separate hostels for boys and girls are also available and can be chosen by Indian students, if required.
  • Indian mess is available for Indian students where all Indian cuisines are available and the food is also prepared by Indian cook so as to give the best food to students. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are also available.
  • Lviv National Medical University is a “National” level medical university for MBBS in Ukraine and holds the highest level of accreditation from Ukraine government which a university can attain.
  • As the native Ukrainian teachers in Lviv have already been teaching Indian students MBBS in English medium since a long time, they are very fluent in English language and helps students to easily interact with teachers irrespective of any local language bar.
  • Indian students get the opportunity to take part in various co-curricular activities organized by university every year like sports, cultural events, talent events, etc.
  • The local people of Ukraine i.e. Ukrainians are very friendly and keen to interact with foreign students, especially Indian students and this leads to students leading a peaceful life during their MBBS in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • The city of Lviv in itself is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in Ukraine and this provides for a perfect atmosphere for Indian students to completely focus on their MBBS in Lviv, Ukraine during their entire tenure of 6 years.
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