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Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University was established in 1935. It is among the top 10 medical colleges in Russia. It is the 1st university of Russia where English medium medical course was started for foreign students and is considered one of the best medical universities in Russia. KSMU, Kursk is recognized by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation and Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. It is also recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) & NMC (National Medical Commission). Kursk State Medical University is actively involved in research work especially in the field of ecological medicine. Indian students can also benefit from such research programs by being a part of them under their teachers. At present, the university has more than 500 students from India alone studying MBBS in Kursk. It is the first medical university in Russia which started training foreign students in English medium MBBS course. Kursk State Medical University ranking in Russia can be considered as the best for imparting medical education in English medium to India students. It is also well known for it’s distinguishing dual intake each year i.e. there are 2 intakes of foreign students in September & February every year. It is the only medical university in Russia which accepts fresh students applications in February session.

MBBS Fees in Kursk State Medical University

  • 1st Year Fee : USD 6,280 / INR 4,39,600
  • 2nd – 6th Year Fee / Year : USD 6,200 / INR 4,34,000
  • Total Course Fee : USD 37,280 / INR 26,09,600

Yearly fees includes tuition fees, hostel accommodation & medical insurance cost too.

MBBS Duration in Kursk State Medical University

  • Duration of Course : 6 Years
  • Medium of Instruction : English

MBBS Eligibility in Kursk State Medical University

  • 50% marks in PCB in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Minimum 17 years age till 31st December
  • NEET qualification (As per government rules)

MBBS Admission in Kursk

MBBS in Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University currently has 6400 students & about 650 academic staff actively involved in teaching them. The university campus alone has 4 buildings and 5 halls dedicated for teaching & lectures. With the number of MBBS colleges in Russia that teach in English medium increasing every year, the safest bet is Kursk which was the 1st medical college in Russia to have started teaching MBBS course in Russia in English medium. This is the reason the English medium MBBS course here is considered to be one of the best in whole of Russian Federation for international students. The duration of MBBS in Kursk in English medium is 5 years 8 months (Often called 6 years in general). During the first 3 years of MBBS in Kursk, Indian students learn theoretical subjects in university. While during the last 3 years of their MBBS course, full emphasis is given on clinical and practical classes which are conducted in hospitals located within the city. Indian students meet local patients in these government hospitals and prepare diagnosis and submit it to their doctors for further evaluation. The campus has several recreational sports centers for Indian students studying here. The affordable MBBS fees in Kursk State Medical University for Indian students combined with superior English medium medical education is one the best deals a student can avail when compared to other university’s MBBS fees in Russia.

Kursk State Medical University Russia

Kursk State Medical University Hostels

Study who get MBBS admission in Kursk State Medical University witness a multi cultural environment because students from all around the world come here to study in English medium. Currently, approx. 1200 students from different countries are enrolled and doing MBBS in Kursk, Russia. The Kursk State Medical University hostels are equipped with best facilities for accommodation of foreign students from all around the world. The hostels are equipped with modern facilities of CCTV surveillance, fore alarm safety and round the clock security. Boys and girls are provided accommodation on different floors. The rooms have study tables, chairs, beds, bed sheets, pillows, lamps, wardrobes, etc. ready before the arrival of new students every year. Students who do not wish to stay in Kursk State Medical University hostels can choose to rent an apartment in city and stay there, if they wish to. Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali and Eid are also celebrated with joy and enthusiasm every year in hostels. While studying in Kursk, students get the opportunity to be involved in sports, arts, intellectual pursuits and many more activities. There are various students student societies which the international students can be a part of to know more about different cultures around the world.

MBBS Fees in Kursk

Kursk State Medical University Faculties

KSMU, Kursk has several faculties that are as follows : Medical, Pharmaceutical, Stomatology, Paediatric, Nursing, Medico Prevention, Economy, Biotechnology, Psychology, Social Work, etc. Among all faculties, medical faculty is the one which is available in complete English medium due to the increasing demand of MBBS admission in Russia and receive maximum number of students from different parts of the world. The teachers and professors engaged in training students from India are very proficient in English language and have expertise in their individual fields of teaching. Every year hundreds of students are admitted in Kursk State Med. University in January and September sessions. Among all foreign students studying MBBS in Kursk State Med. University, most number of students are from the Indian sub continent. It is considered an ideal destination by Indian students for best English medium MBBS in Russia. The university welcomes all aspiring and eligible students to study MBBS in Kursk State Medical University in English medium and create a bright future for themselves and serve humanity.

Study MBBS in Kursk

Kursk City in Russia

Kursk is the capital of Kursk Oblast of Russia. The city has witnessed the largest tank battle in history during World War II. The city is situated 530 kms. south of Russia’s capital Moscow. The city is considered as an important railway and highway hub too. The major attraction here are the dozens of orthodox churches that are located in the center of city. Znamensky Church is one of them and is considered one of the largest churches of Russia. The city is is well connected to other major cities of Russia through railway and roads. Kursk, being the capital city Kursk Oblast is centre of higher education institutions with Kursk State Medical University being one of them. Trams, trolley buses and mini vans are the main source of transport within the city. However, private transport like taxis are always available at hand for those who do not mind spending a little higher for comfort. The temperature in Kursk can reach up to +35 degrees in summers and as low as -15 degrees in severe winters during the month of December and January. As the number of MBBS seats are fixed for students from India, interested and eligible students must apply well in time if they wish to secure a seat for MBBS in Kursk.

Why to study MBBS in Kursk State Medical University, Russia ?

Some of useful facts which might make it easier for a student to decide about studying MBBS in Kursk State Medical University are as mentioned below :

MBBS in Kursk State Medical University

  • Kursk State Med. University is one of the oldest MBBS colleges in Russia that has been providing MBBS education to Indian students since several years and has been very successful at it.
  • The standard of MBBS education adopted and taught to Indian students in Kursk is nothing less than top medical universities located in western part of the world and Europe.
  • The university has partnership and exchange programs with numerous reputed medical universities located in Europe and other parts of the world. These MBBS exchange programs can be utilized by Indian student studying MBBS in Kursk too.
  • In addition to hundreds of Indian students, many students from other parts of the world also take MBBS admission in Kursk State Medical University every year and this provides an opportunity for Indian students to directly interact with them and learn new cultures.
  • The total MBBS fees in Kursk State Medical University is very less as compared to MBBS course in other parts of European countries which charge a hefty amount from Indian students.
  • Indian students studying MBBS in Kursk State Medical University get ample exposure to clinical classes as from 3rdyear most of their classes are conducted in government hospitals located within the city and get to interact with patients and give their diagnosis.
  • Indian students who took MBBS admission in Kursk State Medical University and graduated from it have shown excellent results in not only MCI Screening Test (FMGE) but also in various other country’s licensing exams like USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc.
  • Hundreds of Indian students who became doctors from Kursk are today practicing in India and other parts of the world which proves the quality of MBBS in Kursk, Russia.
  • The total number of Indian students studying MBBS in Kursk State Medical University at present is more than 500 already, which gives a clear picture of the large community of Indians students studying here.
  • Indian students get the opportunity to participate in various research and scientific activities with senior professors and teachers during their MBBS in Kursk State Medical University.
  • Hostel accommodation is organized in such way that Indian boys and girls have separate floors or blocks. In addition to this, separate hostels for boys and girls are also available and can be chosen by Indian students, if required.
  • Indian mess is available for Indian students where all Indian cuisines are available and the food is also prepared by Indian cook so as to give the best food to students. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are also available.
  • Kursk State Medical University is a government medical university for studying MBBS in Russia and holds accreditation from Russian government as well as Ministry of health and education.
  • As the native Russian teachers in Kursk have already been teaching Indian students MBBS in English medium since a long time, they are very fluent in English language and helps students to easily interact with teachers irrespective of any local language bar.
  • Indian students get the opportunity to take part in various co-curricular activities organized by university every year like sports, cultural events, talent events, etc.
  • The local people of Russia i.e. Russians are very friendly and keen to interact with foreign students, especially Indian students and this leads to students leading a peaceful life during their MBBS in Kursk, Russia.
  • The city of Kursk in itself is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in Russia and this provides for a perfect atmosphere for Indian students to completely focus on their MBBS in Kursk, Russia during their entire tenure of 6 years.
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