Kiev International University (Kiev, Ukraine)

Kiev International University

Kiev International University

Kiev International University was founded in year 1994 and was known as International Institute of Linguistics and Law till year 2002 after which it was renamed to Kiev International University. The university is located in the capital city Kiev of Ukraine.

The university consists of 21 departments. The teaching staff of university has 70+ doctors, 150+ candidates of science & more than 90% of teachers hold scientific degrees. Teaching is conducted in 24 languages which provides students global exposure.

The university receives hundreds of students each year for MBBS in Kiev and currently more than 6,000 students are studying in Kiev International University from different countries worldwide.

Fee Structure

1st Year Fee : USD 6,000

2nd - 6th Year Fee / Year : USD 4,500

(Hostel accommodation & medical insurance included in fee)

Total Course Cost (USD) : USD 28,500

Total Course Cost (INR) : INR 18,52,000

MBBS in Kiev

MBBS Admission in Kiev

Kiev City

Kiev is the capital as well as the largest city of Ukraine. The city is situated on the bank of river Dnieper. The city is one of the educational, industriual, scientific & business hubs of eastern part of Europe.

The city of Kiev is geographically divided into 2 parts viz right bank & left bank by the river Dnieper that runs through the whole city. The right bank is mainly occupied by business & industrial firms while the left bank is mostly resdidential.

The city has very good transport system including metro, trams, trolleybuses, mini buses & taxis. The city is directly connected to major cities of Europe through railway line & has 2 airports too.


The Kiev International University has the following faculties : Faculty of Medicine, Architechture, Economics, Cinema & Theatre, Journalism, Law, Psychology & International Relations. Among all faculties, the Faculty of Medicine of university attracts the maximum number of students from South Asian countries each year for MBBS in Kiev.

The university provides options of studying in English or in Russian language before MBBS admission in Kiev. Local citizens mostly study in local language while foreigners opt for English medium course in Kiev International University.

Students of Kiev International University are today placed & working successfully in all corners of world and the university feels proud of it. The university welcomes all eligible students to opt for MBBS in Kiev International University to become great doctors & represent the university on a global scale.

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