Importance of NEET 2019 to Study MBBS Abroad

Importance of NEET 2019 to Study MBBS Abroad

The National Eligibility cum Entrance test (NEET) is about to be conducted on 5th May 2019 and it will be the deciding criteria for MBBS admissions in government / private colleges in India as well as for MBBS abroad. It’s high time that the students must realize the importance of NEET 2019 to study MBBS abroad. This year around 15.20 Lac students are taking the NEET exam which is quite higher than the number of students that appeared in NEET 2018 (13.20 Lac students). The qualifying criteria for NEET 2019 is 50th percentile (Approx. 7.50 Lac students approx.) and cut-off  for general category can be somewhat similar & near the scores of past years  i.e. 119/720 in 2018; 135/720 in 2017.

All students must be busy right now in final revisions before NEET to secure a MBBS seat in India anyhow. But, with just 60,000 seats available in whole of India against 15.20 Lac students who are competing for it, it is quite clear that thousands of deserving students who could have been bright doctors in future will not be able to get MBBS admission in India either due to marks or due to the high amount asked by private colleges in India. So, what should these students do ? Prepare again, appear in NEET again next year, and only surrender unless they are over 25 years and no more eligible to appear in NEET ? This way they will be left with no other option than to choose some other career after 25 years of age, as they won’t be eligible for MBBS course anywhere in world as per the new NEET eligibility criteria.

Keeping in mind the recent developments and steps taken by MCI/NMC (National Medical Commission) through the NMC bill in past few years, like requirement of NEET qualification for studying MBBS abroad, proposal for a common National Exit Test (NEXT) for Indian (Both government & private college students) & abroad doctors have made the scenario quite clear. With implementation of the above said rules one by one, it has made easier for students to decide about studying MBBS abroad, if they are unable to secure a seat in India. These rules are being structured so as to make it clear for all, that there would be no discrepancy among students who complete their MBBS from India or from abroad. All will be treated equally and should be NEET qualified at entry and must clear NEXT after completion of course for being eligible to practice medicine in India.

Some of the very important points that students (who wish to qualify NEET to be able to study MBBS abroad must follow while taking their NEET 2019 exam on 5th May for being qualified are : Firstly, Plan an attempt only those questions first in each subject of which you are 100% sure (For eg. if you are sure of 50 questions only, then at this point you already have 200 marks and can be quite sure that you will qualify NEET). Secondly, do not try to answer those questions of which you are not sure, as they might hamper your overall score and in greed of more correct answers you can be out of the 50th percentile limit and eventually un-qualified. Thirdly, Revise all your correct answers thoroughly, and only attempt additional questions if you think that you have not answered enough questions to even qualify the exam.

Students who will qualify NEET 2019 will have ample number of options of MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & China not only for this year but for next 2 years too (As