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Forex & Travel for MBBS Admission Abroad

To those who are not aware of forex, it means foreign exchange. And it’s one thing that keep on fluctuating on a daily basis. And when students approach forex for MBBS admission abroad, they must have the destination country’s currency ready with them before travelling. For the above, we provide complete assistance & guidance in forex & travel for studying MBBS abroad. Forex exchange requires a little bit on knowledge to make the best of it otherwise you can land in a huge loss especially when you could have got the same at much less

Additionally, there is also a slight risk of being cheated by some fraud exchange firm who could provide some fake currency if you do not have sufficient knowledge in differentiating a fake & real one. Well, we guide our students to the most reliable & trusted forex firms in India to get their currency exchange so as to to minimize the chances of being cheated. We make sure that all currency is legitimate before students carry it with themselves for their expenses from India. As a matter of fact, there are many universities that provide their bank account for direct transfer of fees from India before the arrival of student there, but there are also many medical colleges in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & China which require the fees to be carried in US dollars and be paid there by student at the time of MBBS admission in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & China.

Before the students head up for their travel for MBBS admission abroad, there is a brief session we provide to them so that they are well aware of the rules & regulations that must be followed while they are travelling abroad for MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan or China. For eg – different airlines allow different baggage limits, there can be numbers of transits before they land at their destination, some airport might require a transit visa depending on duration of transit, which time is the best to travel so as to get best fare, etc. These are the some of the factors that we are well aware of and hence, can easily provide the best options to students while travelling abroad.

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