Crimea Federal University (Simferopol, Russia)

Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University

The Crimea Federal University is a centre of higher education located in the city Simferopol in the Republic of Crimea. The university comprises of a faculty of more than 10,000 members & more than 35,000 students including students from different countries.

Today, the Crimea Federal University encompasses 8 academies, 5 colleges, 11 branches & 7 science & research institutions. In addition to the teaching work carried on by university, it is also invloved in various sorts of scientific & research work.

Crimea Federal University annualy holds several conferences, events, roundtables, meeting, etc. with other major universities of Europe & Asia. The university also has strong collaborations with other medical universities of different countries.

Fee Structure

1st Year Fee : USD 6,500

2nd - 6th Year Fee / Year : USD 3,200

(Hostel accommodation & medical insurance included in fee)

Total Course Cost (USD) : USD 22,500

Total Course Cost (INR) : INR 14,62,500

MBBS Admission in Simferopol

MBBS Admission in Crimea

Simferopol City

The city of Simferopol is the capital of Republic of Crimea. The city is located along the river Salgir. Several universities are located in the city of Simferopol. The city is well connected to nearby areads through raods, railway & and international airport.

The city receives thousands of tourists each year from different parts of the world. Crimea Federal University is one of the largest federal university in Russia and serves as one of the most sough sought destinations for students from various countries willing to study MBBS in Crimea.

The Republic of Crimea is surrounded completely by the Black sea. The Crimea Federal University has witnessed a huge growth in the influx of foreign students especially from India for MBBS admission in Crima due to the popularity the university has gained in recent years.


As the name says i.e. Federal, the Crimea Federal University has a vast spectrum of courses to offer to students with sevral academies, institutes, branches & scientific institutions working under it. The medical department of university has the following faculties : Facluly of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy & Faculty of Dentistry.

In addition to the above the university also offers course sin engineering, aviation, philology, law, biology, physics, mathematics, etc. Each year the university receives hundreds of applications for MBBS admission in Crima from students across the globe & only the eligible students amongst those are selected for MBBS in Crimea at the Crimea Federal University.

The university welcomes all aspiring & eligible students to pursue MBBS in Crimea, Russia and establish themselves as great doctors to serve the humanity.

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