Common National Exit Test For India Abroad MBBS Students Soon

Common National Exit Exam for India & Abroad MBBS Students Soon

According to a report (Reference Here), all government & private college MBBS students in India will soon appear in a common final year test during their last year of MBBS course. This test will be called as the National Exit Test (NEXT). Students will be granted permission to practice medicine only after qualifying this exam & they need not appear in a separate exit test for it. This proposal by the National Medical Commission (NMC) for a common national exit exam for India & abroad students has been accepted by the central government any may come into affect any time soon.

Earlier, all government and private medical colleges in India used to conduct their final examinations at different times during the year. National Medical Commission (NMC) had proposed that the students must appear in National Exit Test (NEXT) after passing their final year exam in college and should qualify it to be able to practice medicine in India. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) strictly opposed this proposal and expressed it’s concern to the government & health ministry. After strong opposition from the IMA, the government agreed to make changes in the National Exit Exam (NEXT) and now a common National Exam may soon be conducted across all medical colleges in country.

Students who study MBBS from abroad have to qualify MCI/NMC/FMGE Screening test in India, only after which they are granted the licence to practice medicine in India. Now, these students from abroad will also be appearing with Indian students in the proposed National Exit Exam (NEXT), after clearing which they will be able to practice in India. This National Exit Test (NEXT) will serve as the MCI/NMC Screening Test/Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) for abroad students to get licence to practice in India.